Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield

NEW TRAINING: How to Use Facebook for Your Business

"7 Easy-to-Implement Marketing Strategies to Get Your Business Up and Running on Facebook"

Yes, claim my FREE spot now!Wondering if this webinar is for you? If you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, or service provider looking to grow your business online, this webinar is for you. I can't wait to see you there!


During this training webinar you will learn:

  • Easy strategies that are working right now to help you quickly attract your first 1,000 fans.
  • How to move your Facebook fans directly to your website.
  • Proven tips to help you get out into the News Feeds of all your fans.
  • How to skyrocket the reach of each of your posts to get more clicks, comments and shares.
  • How to use your Timeline Cover Photo to attract loads of quality leads.
  • Discover the most powerful search features inside of Facebook that will give you loads of intel on your perfect customer avatar.
  • Money-Making Facebook Strategy: A quick look at how you can tie together everything you learn today into a proven strategy that really works!

I'll see you there!

Yes, claim my FREE spot now!

What people are saying about amy's webinars

Amy explains Facebook in a way that no other has ever done. Simple, exact, and actionable. Love it!- Michele Peterson

Just did a free webinar with Amy on using Facebook effectively: WOW. One hour jammed packed with juicy info! If you’re not leveraging your FB presence, I highly recommend her webinar.- Caroline Frenette

Amy gives high quality content and I love her teaching style...clear, concise and easy to implement.- Suzanne Foglio

Amy, great job on your webinar this afternoon! You were friendly, gracious, and professional -- and I learned a lot! I will rush to sign up for your next webinar (do more!). Thanks so much!- Lea Ann Garfias

Insightful, but most importantly, highly *actionable* session with Amy Porterfield on Facebook engagement!- Keith Korneluk